Rotary Table Surface Grinders

Vertical Rotary-Table Surface Grinding Machines Type-RV

Table Diameter: 500 ~ 1800mm ( 20" ~ 70")
Grinding Motor: 25 ~ 185kw (33 ~ 250hp)
Segment head, ring wheel or cup wheel

Horizontal Rotary-Table Surface Grinding Machines Type-RH

Table Diameter: 500 ~ 1800mm ( 20" ~ 70")
Grinding Motor: 14 ~ 60kw (18 ~ 80hp)
Straight wheel with cone flange

Machine Construction

Machine Base

Welded construction, cell design, thermally relieved and vibration dampened. Smooth interior for good coolant drainage and cleaning. Through hardened precision ground ways.

Grinding Carriage

Heavy duty cast iron construction for best load distribution and smooth operation. Pre loaded roll system for horizontal movement and adjustable, long flat guide ways for vertical movement. Ball screw system with hydraulic weight compensation.

Machine Table

Cast iron or electromagnetic chucks with steplessly variable speeds. One or two axis tilting, hollow grind or face grinding. Variable magnetic controller.

Coolant System

Strong coolant pumps, large tank and many option for coolant filtration.

NC and CNC Controls

Open programmable grinding cycle.

Two station Grinding

Grinding vapor extraction systems

Automatic sizing and wheel wear compensation

Handling and loading systems